El Modena Open Space Hike

El Modena Open Space Hike
Registration Begins
11/16/2022 1:00 PM
Last Day To Register
12/8/2022 5:00 PM
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The last date for registration has passed.

El Modena Open Space - Private Guided Hike

This event is geared towards Daisy and Brownies, however, it is open to all hikers

Difficulty: Easy to moderate, depending on hiking experience and/or physical capability.  Roughly 2 miles round trip. Full sun exposure. Few hundred feet of elevation gain. Carry plenty of water and lunch to enjoy along the way. Dirt single track trail features uneven and extremely steep terrain with loose rocks. It is not recommended for inexperienced barefooters or those with mobility issues or vertigo.

Joel Robinson, a professional naturalist who has been guiding hikes for 21 years, is prepared to guide you on an educational adventure up a volcanic hill overlooking the city of Orange. 

This 2-3 hour immersive experience will venture into the aromatic coastal sage scrub plant community where participants will learn how this vital habitat supports multiple rare and threatened wildlife species, including the coastal cactus wren, California gnatcatcher, orange-throated whiptail, roadrunner, quail and more!  Search for evidence of these elusive species. 

  • Listen for their songs and calls. 
  • Practice wildlife tracking techniques to increase chances of observing small and large mammals, including cottontail, vole, woodrat, bobcat and coyote. 
  • Observe specialized invertebrates (beetles, spiders, butterflies, moths, etc.), including pollinators, decomposers and predators that are adapted for this unique landscape. 
  • Marvel at the colors of the lichens on the rocks and discuss their symbiotic composition.  Recent rains may provide chances of spotting early onion and other wildflowers.  Spend time identifying various plant species based on their physical characteristics, adaptations, human uses and benefits to local wildlife. 
  • Hear stories about how the Tongva tribe interacted with the rugged landscape for thousands of years.  Learn about the fascinating geology which began when lava emerged from the ocean bottom. 
  • Follow a single track up a steep and rocky ascent past prickly pear and cholla cactus to a panoramic view of the entire valley, including Los Angeles and Catalina Island. 
  • Orientation and navigation skills will be included along with botany, zoology and ethnobotany (the study of plant uses by Indigenous people.  Frequent stops will be made along the way to to take advantage of the numerous in-depth learning opportunities available in this biologically diverse outdoor classroom. 
  • By completing this hike Daisys and Brownies have complete the Trail Adventure Badge
  • Each participant will be mailed a hiking patch and rocker specific to this hike.


Cost for hike:

$20 for GSOC In Council member

$25 for Out of Council member

Bring: Ten Essentials, TP and plastic bags, sanitizer or handwipes, daypack, first aid kit, 1-2 liters of water per person, snacks, sunscreen, hat with brim, hiking shoes or lace-up sneakers



** This is not a drop off event. All children will need proper adult supervision




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$20.00 per GSOC Member
$25.00 per Out of Council Member
Cancellation Policy
All cancellation requests must be received at least 14 days prior to the event and are subject to a $5 administrative fee, per person. Cancellation requests must be in writing to customercare@girlscoutsoc.org. Please include: Participant's Name, Event Name and Event Date. All girls registered must be in the Girl Scout level that the event is for. Registrations for individuals outside of the specified Girl Scout level or grade for this event will be cancelled without refund. No refunds will be made if cancellations are received after 14 days. If a program is cancelled by GSOC, all refunds will be paid in full. No-shows are non-refundable. Certain events may have their own refund policy; see GSOC Event Calendar or event flyer for specific guidelines.

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